Thursday, 26 July 2012

Busy Farfar

I've written many times about Farfar and his carpentry skills - he always has a project in mind and I don't think I've ever seen him just take it easy all day.  If we were in England I would describe Farfar as having 'ants in his pants' but I'm not sure what the Swedish equivalent saying is.

Here's his latest project:
He had already built a Fika deck but suddenly decided to expand it.

What a great excuse it was for Freddy to get his little tools out. 
This photo makes me laugh because I had just bought a new camera (to replace all the other cameras that get saliva or sand in them) and I inadvertently selected the 'pop' photo setting so that all pictures are given a slight technicolour uplift to make them more funky.  Perhaps it's not so obvious here but I had the setting going for 2 weeks so some of my pictures are a bit harsh on the eye :).  You might have noticed it when I photographed my husbands secret stash of sweets.
And then it was finished!  A new and improved place to have a fika and a perfect place for the children to play. 
The new wood colour will change to match the old after a few years of snows and ice.

The wide steps have been great for Henry to practice crawling up and down them.  I shall have to post some pictures of his technique as it's quite funny.

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