Monday, 23 July 2012

Clearing the mind

Yesterday's post was a bit unusual for me but helped me a lot in a strange kind of way. 

When I started my blog I thought that I was just going to post about all the fun things we get up to as a family but sometimes other topics bubble up to the surface and beg to be written about.
There is no better way to clear the mind than to be in a boat.

The weather here in Sweden has been extremely unfavorable recently so the slightest hint of a thunder and lightning free afternoon and we were in the boat in seconds sailing around the little islands here.
This was Henry's first taste of being on a boat.  I wouldn't say that it was his best day ever - he prefers to be at home playing with the toilet seat or his favourite puddle of water in the garden.
Freddy on the other hand really found his sea legs!  He even steered the boat for a few minutes.   

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