Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cruising the stairs

Our little 10 month old cruiser has been busy practicing going up and down stairs for the last few weeks.

When he crawls he goes head first down the stairs no matter how much we try to teach him to go backwards.  It results in everyone around him holding their breath and leaning in as if ready to catch him as he slips but you know what, his technique seems to be working.

After the anguish of watching him neartly fall down the stairs on many occasions I was relieved to see his next endeavor was to tackle them standing up.  He went up and down a step or two - just enough to see if it was easier or harder than his existing method.
It's been really fun watching Henry develop so far because he is so different to Freddy.  He will not be rushed into doing anything he isn't ready for and my claims to the family that he would be walking this month have been met with utter indifference on his part; that'll teach me :) 

You take your time little chubby legs, we've got all the time in the world. x

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  1. Henry is about two months younger than my little girl but far more adventurous! Mine tried once a step, it didn't work so she did not venture further (and did not fall). She has also been giving signs of wanting to walk but in the end she is probably not going to before her first birthday (less than two weeks now) unless she wants to surprise us ;)
    I am looking forward to see how our second baby will develop compared to the first one, it must be so interesting!


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