Thursday, 12 July 2012

IKEA undercover: The worlds biggest IKEA!

We are back from the countryside and staying at Farmor and Farfar's place in Stockholm for a few days so we thought that we would visit a few local attractions.

Top of my list was to visit the worlds biggest IKEA store which boasts 55 000 square metres of floorspace. It was the second store ever built (the first was in Småland where the founder of IKEA was from).

Originally it was just this round building but it was burnt down almost completely when the owners left two advertising signs on overnight instead of just one as they should have done.

Neither Freddy nor Henry shared my enthusiasm for the visit but thankfully we had backup with us in the form of Farfar (Freddy's Father's Father), Farmor (Freddy's Father's Mother), Faster Mia (Freddy's Father's Sister Mia) and Ingift Farbror Håkan (Freddy's Father's Sister's husband Håkan).
The entrance has a huge escalator to take you to the top of the original circular building then you just walk down following the corkscrew floors until you get to the new and extended market hall building at the bottom.
Inside it looked pretty much like another other IKEA which I was a little disappointed about. I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting but to come to the home of IKEA, and the biggest one in the world at that, I thought it might be filled with Dalahästs and Swedish souvenirs that I could use for my culture swap packages.

Henry loved the projected signs.

And it's pretty cool that you can buy screws if you lose (or if your child eats) any.

Note that my children always end up trouserless no matter where we go.


  1. Ikea... aaaaah I so like going there even if I do not need anything :D
    As for being trouserless, if you have the same temperatures as us: I would be happy to do the same! My girl wears nothing but a body these days when we go outside :)

    1. Fred I wish I could say that it's the temperature but alas I just appear to have children that love being naked even when it's cold x

  2. So fun to watch my country's culture from another's point of view. Nice blog! /Åsa

    1. Thanks! I often think that it's so much easier to write about a culture as you discover it rather than knowing it your whole life. Oh an you Swedes are a lovely bunch x


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