Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Stenkulor (stone balls)

We recently visited an industrial museum - I'm going to write a few posts about it because it was so amazing. It was during this visit that I discovered Stenkulor (stone marbles) Aren't they beautiful?

To an untrained eye these little balls look like normal marbles but they are very different.

Stenkulors are made using the same principle of making a snowball.  A small stone is thrown into a cement mixer filled with sand, cement and a natural colour pigment and the mixture is spun until the kulors reach the desired size.

They began to be sold in Sweden in the 1920s and back then there were many manufacturers.  Now though it's just this guy on his own making them (15 million each year) which are sold all around the world.  Oh and isn't is fantastic that his jacket mirrors the colours of the balls being made in the background!

You can find out about some games to play with kulors on the Stenkulor website - there's a section in English too.

Here's Freddy using them to play a traditional game of bagatelle - a really great game for little hands.

[Stenkulor photo source]


  1. What beautiful colors - I love that they are made from stones.

  2. I remember that my dad and his brothers used to have some of those stones marbles (along with normal glass ones and some heavier lead marbles!). They are beautiful but I thought they were breaking more easily than the glass ones on the beton grounds at school.


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