Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back home with new skills

We made it back to France again after a mammoth 7 day journey home in our bus (more on that later), and although I didn't want to leave Sweden it was nice coming home and remembering all the fun things we get up to here.

One of the things I love about the fact that we travel regularly is that after every journey you return and it is immediately apparent that the children suddenly have different interests than before we left. 

Well this time was a big fat look-what-I-can-do-mummy moment when Freddy (32 months) demonstrated that he can now reach the peddles on his tricycle (which was my husband's when he was a child).
And Henry (10.5 months) is on two feet albeit balancing with a low centre of gravity.  He is showing a real interest in holes of any kind - if he can poke a finger in it then he likes it.

The boys are even learning to play with each other a little bit....

But those moments pass so quickly and are inevitably replaced with a tug of war (at best).

I know what you're thinking...what on earth are they both wearing???  Well they are matching pepparkaksgubben outfits (gingerbread men) which play a part in St Lucia celebrations and were kindly given to us by Janet in Sweden (Faster Mia's neighbour).

What to do now then?  Well, we are packing to go to England as we speak.............


  1. I love their outfits! I want the same for my daughter at Christmas :D - I bed you just have to prevent yourself from "eating" them!
    7 day journey does not sound like fun, hope it went well though and have fun in England now :)

  2. I can see a big change in them too, they look much bigger. The outfits are fab. And you are on the move again!

  3. Love the matching outfits !!!

  4. They look so comfy in their gingerbread man outfits. It's so fun seeing the youngest standing! Don't you love that fuzzy baby hair? Walter's is still fuzzy & very white like your boys.


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