Saturday, 18 August 2012

Best lay-by ever?

When you stop at the side of the road for a quick 'comfort break' in Sweden you get much more than just a portaloo and a coffee kiosk.

For starters the traditional sign used to indicate toilet facilities is a lovely picture of a door with a heart on it so it must be special right?
Behold the wonder that is the E22 road rest place close to Västervik!
You get toilets with a view of a lake out the back to die for.
And a sandy beech and diving jetty in the water.
Picnic tables and BBQs in a beautiful wooded area.
 Can you believe this is just a lay-by?
Only in Sweden would you find this - a country with a lot of spare space and a lot of lakes equals heaven.


  1. I have never thought about it that way...I guess that I am blind to the things I have around me.

  2. That is incredible - I'm jealous. There are no lay-bys with toilets in Malawi. It was quite a problem when I was pregnant and we were traveling long distances over bumpy roads:)

  3. wow, nice! I bet you spent more time than just going for a wee-wee :-)


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