Friday, 3 August 2012

The patience of grandparents

Haven't families changed so much in just a few generations?

It wasn't that long ago when multiple generations of a family would live together;  the children, the parents and the grandparents all under the same roof.   I grew up with my grandfather living with us and I have a lot of happy memories of it.

It just makes so much sense to me; it's symbiotic.  The grandparents get to do all the fun stuff with the children and watch them grow and develop, the parents get a bit of rest every now and then and recharge their batteries as well as saving money in potential childcare fees, and of course even better is the benefit to the children in so many ways. 
When I see Freddy and Henry with their grandparents I can see just how much they respond to the wonderful undivided attention that they receive.  Freddy (31 months) will happily talk 24 hours a day with Farmor and Farfar who are incredibly patient listeners.  They have such a brilliant way of encouraging his constant commentary of life which starts at around 6am and goes full speed until he goes to bed.
When we return to France we will find it really hard to replicate the wonderful environment that the children have been in here in Sweden - but we will try hard.

Hopefully we will all live together soon as we plan our permanent move to Sweden.


  1. Where to in Sweden are you moving?

  2. This is a lovely post - my kids also have amazing and wonderfully patient grandparents. While I love where we live - I often feel guilty that they don't get to spend more time with their extended family in general and especially their grandparents.

  3. You are so right, families are meant (or were?) to live together and the older generations to teach the young ones. We would hear less about lonely old people dying alone in Summer or young people not having any clue of what to do with themselves if Family was more respected...
    Your project sounds very interesting, I am looking forward to the day you will tell us more about it!


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