Sunday, 5 August 2012

Trolls are everywhere

There are a lot of Swedish folklore tales about trolls and elves.  We were surprised ro find one today during a walk to collect berries.


  1. Dear Rachel,

    Can you tell us something else about them? We're very curious about the picture. From Argentina

    1. Oh yes I would be happy too! :)

      Scandinavian folklore includes lots of stories about trolls which can apparently be found everywhere, lurking in the bushes like this one that we found.

      Trolls try to trick humans all the time. They are big, hairy and not too clever and any person with a bit of common sense can outwit them.

      Trolls are often said to be able to change their appearance and did so in order to trick humans into doing what they wanted. Luckily, trolls are said to turn into stone when exposed to sunlight.

      Here's a troll story -

  2. hehe I used to try and explain the swedish folk tales to hubby pre move here and children...he understands a bit more now he lives and breathes norrland air and our oldest is starting more and more to get into these old tales =) Hope you are having a nice summer over here!

    1. Hi Kimberley!
      We just got home to France but yes, we had a wonderful time as always in Sweden. Our house hunting meant that we drove around Sweden for 5 days on the way home which meant I got to see Blekinge for the first time :)
      I hope you had a good summer too (even though weatherwise it was not as hot as usual)


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