Monday, 17 December 2012

Back to Sweden!

We are all really excited to be back in Sweden for Christmas!

Freddy has now turned 3 and Henry is 15 months - perfect ages to start to play together.  It's funny that often Freddy will copy Henry rather than the other way round and has even started mimicking some of the sounds of words that Henry uses.

I've noticed that if we give them a toy to play with together they cannot share and a scuffle usually breaks out.  However, if they 'discover' something together like a bag half filled with our clothes for Sweden they are able to play together nicely for a long time.  Why is that so I wonder?
A suitcase is just as much fun too.
Our journey to Sweden was just perfect - even travelling with the children has become much easier.  Any new environment brings out the wildness of the boys and they rolled around on the floor of the departure lounge together for more than an hour.
And of course they discovered all kinds of interesting things to do like crawling through the arm rests of the chairs. 
There was not a hint of boredom from them and they hardly even noticed the planes taking off and landing just outside until it was time to go. 
I hope they find fun like this together for many years to come.


  1. What fun they are having together. This must be so beautiful for you to see. Maybe you should hide all their toys so they can discover them together and play instead of squabbling. Mind you, there are many life lessons in squabbling about toys. I bet you are thrilled to be on leave from work, enjoy enjoy!

    1. Yes you are right Rach and omg yes I'm happy to be back with my babies! xx


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