Thursday, 27 December 2012

Did I mention everything works?

It's about time the Swedish tourist board started recognising my efforts to spread the word about how great Sweden is.  Whilst I wait for my key to the city to be delivered I thought I'd post about the amazing snow clearing operation that happens every day like clockwork outside the apartment block where we are ta the moment.

Twice a day a plethora of snow moving vehicles arrive to make sure that there is no reason that people can't get to work.

Here's the evening shift arriving to scrape the snow and sand from the road.  Sand is put down on these residential roads rather than salt which I found strange but clearly it works.
 The snow ploughs scrape the snow into huge piles that line the streets.
And of course the boys are more than happy to just watch this going on all day.
Then just as the piles get a bit big a lorry magically arrives to take away the snow.  It all happens like with military precision.  Apparently all this snow used to just be tipped into the sea but it's considered not environmentally sound any more so it's just taken somewhere on land where it can melt.  These piles of snow can last well into the spring and children sometimes hollow them out to make little dens (which is a bit dangerous if they are at the side of the road).

Snow is also cleared regularly from the roofs so that it doesn't fall onto pedestrians.


  1. It must be such a difference between France and Sweden! In Ile de France they panick as soon as they have 2cm of snow :D

    1. OMG that's so true Fred! Oh and it's even worse in England! x

    2. I know it is! I was living there for three years, and one winter we had a spell of snow. Was working on Campus back then, my fiancé and I had sensible shoes and coats since we were used to colder winter, but the English students! Oh my! It was so funny to see them all sliding around, the girls wearing tiny shoes, skirts and thin thights! How many of them arrived on the next day with crutches, or bandages, I cannot remember, but it was certainly very funny to see the general panic for a mere 4 to 5cm of snow and -1°C :D


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