Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pea soup and pancakes

'Pea soup and pancakes' is a meal eaten across Sweden, and other Nordic countries, every Thursday evening.   Allegedly the tradition arose from a Swedish Prime Minister in the 1880's who served pea soup and pancakes each week to a group of friends who came round to play bridge.  A King also died in the 1570's from eating a bowl of poisoned pea soup.

The soup is made from yellow peas, onions, pork pieces and stock and is cooked for a few hours until it becomes really mushy.  It is usually served with the mustard and worlds strongest vinegar [antifreeze].
The dessert is almost always pancakes served with lingon sylt (that's the same jam stuff they give you at IKEA when you buy the meatball meal) but it''s not really dessert but rather part of the meal.

We are currently going through a phase of trying to eat only homemade food without any refined sugars so we knocked up the jam by mixing boiled lingon berries with honey.  It worked really well!
For those of you thinking that pancakes should only be eaten with sugar and lemon; I know, I know but it tastes really good this way too :).

Henry certainly loved the pancakes!


  1. Crêpes, as we call them in French, can be eaten with anything! I do recommand to try ham and grated cheese ;) but with the marmelade it is just perfect. No wonder Henry loved it.
    Wishing you a perfectly lovely Christmas in Sweden!

    1. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas too Fred! x

      I once saw a wonderful French dish which consisted of thin pastry, ham and cheese all rolled up and then very thinly sliced before baking. do you know what it could be? It was such a long time ago but I remember thinking how great it would be for young children. Perhaps I should search Marmiton?

      God Jul!


      Do you mean something like this? Your description does not ring a bell, and I asked my mother, she does not know either. So I just googled the main words :)
      If you want a nice French cooking website: Chefsimon is really good, with images and comments to really explain how things go :)


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