Monday, 15 October 2012

So that's where all the money went!

[If you are a potential burglar please go straight down to the bottom of this post]

We have been noticing that money has been going missing in our house for quite a while now.  I assumed my husband was taking it, he assumed I was taking it and we didn't say a word to each other.

We had been trying to get enough cash together to fund another European road trip (because when you drive around Europe you had better have enough cash in your wallet to pay for fuel).

Then one day we realised that the money was gone.......disappeared.......completely!

My immediate thought was that there must be someone living in our cellar and stealing money every now and then (I tend to be a bit irrational with my thought processes since having children).  But thankfully hubby immediately suggested that it had probably been taken by one of the boys and thus would just 'turn up' in the not too distant future stuffed into a wellie or toilet bowl in the house.

That night I hardly slept thinking about the burglar which turned out to be a good thing because I heard a rustling coming from behind one of the cupboards in our little reading [Lego] room.

As you can imagine I was far to scared to investigate the source of the noise myself so I just made  sure that I slept with my fingers and toes inside the duvet (just in case) and cuddled up a bit closer to Henry than usual.

In the morning my hubby sealed all the gaps in the wall with parcel tape and set about starting to pull out the bookshelves.  By this time we expected to find a mouse living there but, oh my, this mouse had expensive taste in bedding material............
At first I admired the effort that this little mouse had gone to in order to all collect this money over time.
But then I looked closer and realised that it had eaten a lot of the notes (mostly the larger denominations rather oddly).
Thankfully a few Lego instruction leaflets appear to have been easier to chew than the money in some cases.
As for the mouse, well he will soon be enjoying a new life in the forest thanks to our humane mouse trap.  I'll try to get some photos of the big release.

[Would-be burglars please note that we no longer have a pile of cash in our house and do not intend to ever again]

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Where have we been?

Well time can fly by so quickly can't it?

We are still in France and I have [reluctantly] returned to work in Paris.  Going back to work after any amount of maternity leave is difficult and I put off thinking about it so much that when it actually happened it kind of took me by surprise a bit.

I had big plans for working flexibly, part time, reduced hours or somewhere in between but when it came down to it the only acceptable solution for my employer was for me to go back to exactly what I was doing before I went on leave a year ago.  That basically translates to me leaving before the boys are awake and returning when they are ready for bed.

I have found it hard to say the least and of course the children have found it difficult to adjust.  Everything was so perfect when we were all together every day but alas the magic food fairy does not deliver to our neck of the woods without being paid so unless a lottery win is around the corner this is our life for the immediate future.
It's been an emotional roller coaster going back to work and being separated from my babies.   How do women do it?  Does it get easier?  I'm also finding it hard to talk to people about it because here in France it's not uncommon for women to return to work after just a few months leave (compare that with 16 months paid leave in Sweden).  So starting a conversation with "isn't it hard to come back to work after a year" is never going to get much sympathy.

But it is hard and it's easy to dwell on the negatives but I've reached a point now where I have decided to change my mental model, focus on the positives and continue to tell the world about what we get up to as a family.

And the children?  Well they are of course still getting more and more adorable every day, adjusting to life without a full time mama but embracing life with a full time papa instead - I know, I know, it's really not that bad is it?

More details to come....
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