Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bedtime routine

Speaking of sleeping arrangements......

What's your bedtime routine?  Is it as unconventional as ours?

Our bedtime routine starts much like many others with a story, teeth brushing, attempting to get some pyjamas on the boys (which always fails) and climbing on the furniture.
But then what follows is pretty much 30 minutes of bed gymnastics  - just what you need to calm your little ones down ready for bed.....
I must admit it's quite fun to watch (and slightly terryfying), and in case you were wondering the boys always find things to jump off themselves and "set up" their activity for the evening - I quite admire that!

I love the way that our dog doesn't even flinch during the jumping - you can tell that this is not the first time that the boys have done this!


  1. Oh my goodness! I wouldn't be able to stand watching them :D
    Our bedtime routine is rather quiet, it involves a playtime in bath around 18h, then dinner, then the little one still gets breastfed and goes to sleep like this. N. does finish eating with her dad before it is time to brush teeth and wash hands. Then we do the evening prayer together, she gets a cuddle from me, a story from her father and goes to bed.
    Actually I have a question! What did you feed your boys in the morning around the age of 1?

    1. Hi Fred,
      I know! It was quite scary but these boys are fearless!
      I'm pretty sure a quiet bedtime routine is much better!
      In answer to your question - we have always struggled to get our boys to eat a good breakfast. It usually consists of bio yoghurt and a bit of salami but toasted sourdough bread sometimes goes down. At that age I remember that a banana was always a favorite or simply a cup of warm cocoa. We make warm cocoa using raw milk, raw coconut oil and raw honey - that way it’s a really nutritious drink with no sugar. Oh and of course we make Swedish coconut balls from porridge oats, honey and cocoa powder (I posted the recipe a long long time ago).
      Just recently we’ve been having sausages and baked beans for breakfast but that’s just because I’m English and so a big heavy breakfast always goes down well ☺

    2. Thanks Rachael. I'll look up your recipe, it sounds interesting. During the week my husband, older daughter and I are having cereals with milk. The little one isn't that great yet with spoon so I don't really fancy trusting him a bowl of liquid ;) He drops his sister's often enough! He still gets milk from me and then some cereals (dry) in a Snack-trap (plastic cup with lid) but I am already thinking ahead of the time when I will wean him... Hence my question ;)

    3. Is that the recipe you meant? Have you tried it with less sugar?

    4. That's it Fred, but i should have told you that we no longer use any sugar - only honey. In fact they taste much better with honey than sugar. We follow a wonderful book called Nourishing Traditions and weanig foods which are mentioned incude things like liver, egg yolf and fish roe. I know that these are quite contraversial for weaning foods but the book is a brilliant read if you are in need of inspiration.
      I'm going to send you some info by email.....

    5. Thanks a lot for the document. How much honey do you put instead of the sugar?
      I am a bit careful with honey though, as it can be carrying a disease (botulism if memory serves) to which small children have no immunity. Past 1 year it is ok to start using honey but I don't really know how much and how often... any thought or knowledge on that?

  2. Wow! This seems funny!
    We don't have a particular bedtime routine. Aitana (4,5 y.o.) is so tired by 8 PM that she falls asleep in less than five minutes. As for Martí (15 months), it may take a bit longer, but after breastfeeding him, I carry him in my baby carrier, while I walk around a room, singing for him. Lately, he seems to want to sleep on his own, so I put him into bed and lie next to him. It usually takes him 30 minutes or more, but, in the end, he falls asleep on his own.

    1. Cris I think 30 minutes of you laying next to Marti sounds really good at that age! Especially as he is falling asleep on his own.
      I'm interested to know what baby carrier you use at 15 months because since about 12 months Henry won't let me carry him in his normal carrier (just a long piece of fabric).

    2. I'm interested in any tip about making a soon to be 14mo to sleep ^^ - so far he still falls asleep at my breast, after lunch and after dinner (as well as once during the night), but what when I stop breastfeeding? Last night he didnt fall asleep and I tried putting him in his baby bed, it just resulted in screaming despite my being there! In the end the only thing that worked was for my husband to carry him in the dark for 20min. The problem is that he is huge and heavy (over 80cm and 12,7kg!) so it is really back-breaking to do this...
      We will also soon have to take him out of his baby bed because he is starting to try to get out and that can be really dangerous... but he isn't going to be a piece of cake like his sister! She never came out of her big-girl bed unless we told her to. Now age 2,5yo she is still waiting for our assent to get out!!!
      No way it will happen with number 2, so I am already trying to think of solutions... Any idea and tip will be most welcome ^^


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