Thursday, 16 January 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

It’s been a year since I last posted on my blog and I can't quite believe it. I've wanted to restart again for such a long time but I've been lacking mojo. I don't quite know what happened but a lot has changed for us... too much to say in one post and I think that has been the problem: I keep thinking “how can I explain everything in one blog post?” Well I have decided not even o worry about it and just get back to blogging. Over time you will find out about all the changes that have happened to our family and hopefully that way I’ll slip back into blogging with ease.....

But I cannot start up again without saying a lot of thank yous! I have been astounded at the number of emails and messages that I have received checking that everything is ok and making sure that I start writing again. A lovely lady even contacted though my Etsy shop to say that she still looked at my blog regularly hoping that I had updated it. This post and all the rest that follow are for you all!

Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? Is it too late to talk about these things in blogging land? Is it too late even to post a picture of a Christmas tree???? Well I’m just going to go for it....

Our lovely tree went up in November and by Christmas day it barely had any green left on it - even brushing past it gently resulted in an avalanche of needles.

Then there was Freddy’s Birthday! Here he is with Henry who had just split his forehead open on a step coming into our house (goodbye baby modelling dreams).

Freddy is 4 now and Henry turned 2 in September! Did I mention that another little bundle of joy will be joining us very soon?

This pregnancy has been difficult for me emotionally and physically but the end is in sight and I’m getting happier by the day.... more on that later.

So thank you again for your patience and kind words. Here is to a new year of love and happiness. x
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